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God Centered Personal Growth

A Transformational Experience!

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10

Inspire To Win is Everything YOU Want to Believe In!

  • YOU really can finish first!
  • WE really can authentically work together to bring our God given dreams to reality!
  • YOU will get the permission, the green light and the conviction to Live Life To The Fullest!

We genuinely believe that anything is possible when the opportunity for growth and connection is present!

This is Your Story – It’s Never To Late – There’s No Better Time

April 27 – 29, 2017

Lets Create Your Unique Legacy!

4 Areas of Human Potential!


Transform the way you view life, challenges and opportunities!
You Can Have It All!


How we relate to those we love and do business with means everything!


Health is the real wealth! Take care of your temple – It’s the only place you have to live.


Free yourself from Financial worry forever & receive an actual blueprint of how to become a millionaire!

In A Nutshell… Get Ready!

Tired of going to seminars that talk about the universe but don’t give Glory to God?

Are you looking for a group of visionaries & entrepreneurs that want to learn &
Grow with Godly success principles?

Do you want to thrive in ALL areas of life, your health, relationships & your finances?

If you want to raise your hands and yell YES! then you have found your TRIBE!

Mindset | Health | Relationships | Finances

We’ll deliver a Transformational Experience that will bring out the best YOU possible!
As we journey together through 4 key areas in life in 2 power packed days


Angel L. Rivera

Evan Money Ph.D.


Zig Ziglar

Joel Osteen

Beth Moore

John Maxwell

A Tribe of amazing human beings ready to experience Transformational Breakthroughs!

Breakthroughs develop the human spirit!

When we give ourselves the opportunity to grow dreams can come true!
Inspire To Win Live will ensure your passion and purpose collide.
You wont leave the same!

You’ll begin to realize that its possible to have it all and have it all in abundance!

We truly want to Inspire You to Win in all areas in life and our LIVE event will deliver an experience that will tickle the funny bone, intellectually stir your mind and bring your God given dreams to life!

Enhance your network, develop authentic relationships and live life to the fullest!

Winning at life and business is a team sport!

Nobody is successful on their own and we’ll inspire and provide an atmosphere to cultivate and
Develop lifelong authentic connections for maximum success in life and business.

Expand Your Network
Develop Lifelong Relationships
Get Inspired & Motivated

A growing community

People from all walks of life will come together, connect and ultimately unite for a greater cause!

Through our shared experience at Inspire To Win Live, our passion and tenacity to
pursue our God given dreams our community will grow beyond measure!

Come be a part of the LEGACY and lets Inspire The World Together!

Your Host!


Over the past 30+ years, Nicole has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into a highly profitable and rewarding business that affords them the lifestyle they truly desire.

One that is driven by their God-given purpose and passion, aligns with their values, & supports their primary relationships, while making a lasting impact on the world.

She is a Human Behavior Specialist, Strategic Intervention Coach,
Speaker, Master Facilitator,
and the founder of
Discover The Edge and Leaders of Transformation podcast!

DTE               LOT

We look forward to her energy, passion and love for transforming lives!

Nicole Jansen will be our Host for Inspire To Win Live 2017!

Praise From Our Last Event

Live Your Dreams Seminar

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Free yourself from financial worry forever.





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  • 2 Day Full Access
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Our Venue Is Ready To Inspire!


State of The Art Facility w/ seating for 400, plenty of free parking, lobby and cafe for networking and relaxing!

Conveniently located in the Heart of Mission Valley you wont miss a beat finding restaurants,
hotels and shopping after our amazing sessions!

Address To Venue:
4579 Mission Gorge Pl
San Diego, CA 92120

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